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Two Americans go Grocery Shopping...a food story

Now that we've been here a week, we finally had some energy reserves left over to go grocery shopping. Look at all the fun stuff we found......let's play a game of, "Would You Eat That?" (Now, I'm sure a lot of this is delicious but I've never seen or even fathomed these flavor combos before. Maybe we'll be more adventurous once our bodies are fully adjusted. )

Grocery Snacks

Salted Egg Fish Skin? It's handmade!

Prawn flavored potato chips?

Jelly Fish Crisps-- I've never had jelly fish before, so I might have to try these later. I assume it tastes like other seafood?

Powdered Goat Milk. I just love that the little girl on the package has a goat-milk-mustache.

How about Salted Egg Cereal Cookies? So maybe this is cereal but it tastes like fried eggs? Unclear.

BBQ Squid to Go. Perhaps this is like beef jerky? Package says, "Delicious!"


At the Hotel

At our hotel at the mid-point on the mountain, there are a few restaurants that serve a buffet of food, including a sort of Western section. It's a lot of eggs, French toast, bacon, toast, the usual. Asian assumptions about Western food also mean its a lot of French fries, baked beans, and roasted foods. (I watched a tiny lady eat a plate of 1 large piece of lettuce and exactly 6 baked beans for breakfast. Fascinating.)

But the fun part has been seeing all of the other cultural breakfast stations they have. Remember, this is a vacation destination for all over Asia, so it's a big melting pot of Chinese, Indonesian, India, local Malay, and other nearby countries.

I didn't get too many pictures this morning -- but the Malay breakfast appears to be fried noodles and rice, there's an Indian station, Porridge, a lot of anchovy savory/spicy dishes. Speaking with some of my new Malaysian friends in the choir, they tell me that they eat very similar food for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Local cuisine is pretty oily and fried, very pork heavy. A lot of large noodle soups and stir fry. I'll sneak a few more pics later at the mega mall food court.

Half Boiled Egg. We watched someone eat this yesterday. You crack the top of the shell with a spoon and eat the yolk inside. Its very runny.

Most of the food menus look like this. Sorry, vegetarians.

As a pescatarian, food choices have been tricky. After a week of eating scrambled eggs, today I ventured into the Indian section for breakfast. My experience with vegetarian Indian food didn't turn out so well for me on the airplane, so I'm hoping today's breakfast of Dhall and Roti will be better. Talk about dinner for breakfast! It was actually pretty tasty, but odd to eat something so savory first thing in the morning.

Mike opted for the usual. Eggs, French fries, and a really delicious Mac and cheese breakfast casserole.


One funny story before I go--

Coffee. My kingdom for some Coffee.

There's a lot of Nescafe here, which are these dehydrated coffee packets with dried creamer and sugar already mixed in....for lack of a better term, not my cup of tea (literally). Coffee is served in small 4oz coffee cups. At home, I must drink 16-32oz on a typical day, which is 2-3 American style coffee mugs. I thought I found the "big" coffee cups at the buffet and I was filling it up a few times at the coffee vending machine. Turns out I'm drinking coffee from a soup bowl. The hotel staff must think I'm nuts.


First dress rehearsal today for the show. Once we open, I'll post pictures and tell you all about it. What do you want to hear more about? Feel free to leave me a comment or Text/Facebook/Email/WhatsAp me what you want to learn more about.


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