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Our Malaysian Adventure Begins

Goodmorning, from foggy Genting Highlands!

This has already been quite a memorable trip so far. I'm going to take up my blogging again so that I can share it with you all! You are welcome to pass the link to my website along to any friends who may want to read, the password is: Malaysia2019. I only ask that you do not post or repost any words or pictures in this blog onto public social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) so that I can give you the full scoop without the "Social Media self-editing."


The Traveling! 22 Hour Flight

Us at the beginning of the adventure, excited and fresh!

The plane ride was comfortable but long-- 13.5 hours to Dubai, then another 7.5 to Kuala Lumpur. We upgraded to the "extra leg room seats" which helped our state of mind more than our bodies, I think. We were able to really stretch out and get as comfortable as we could hope to be.

I've gone back to my Pescetarian ways for the last 8 months. The only way to garantee that I would have vegetarian option was to select for my meals the "Traditional Indian Vegetarian." Turns out that was a wrong move. THere's nothing more nauseating than Indian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ON AN AIRPLANE. At first we both thought, hey, that Palak Paneer looks great!...until a few hours later we both felt nauseated and didn't each much the rest of the way.

Us at the end, exhausted and smelly. Those are "Humidiflyers" that we are wearing, and they are awesome! They filter the air you breathe (so protection from other sick flyers) and recycle the moisture in your own breath to keep your sinuses from drying out. Was recommended to me by an opera singer and they were worth every penny.

We Made it!

The view from our balcony. There is a lock on the screen doors to keep out the monkeys!

We finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur airport after 24 hours of traveling. A representative from the airport picked us up and put us in a car, another 1.5 hours. By the time we got to the hotel, it was 12:30am local time (which is +8 GMT), but back home it was 1pm in the afternoon the day before. Wild. 

Our 1 Bedroom (bigger than our home in NYC!)

After some issues settling into the hotel, I am happy to report that we have found our way into the best room at the hotel! HA! Our accommodations are now very lovely. We have an 800 sq foot 1 room apartment here with small kitchenette and balcony. Every morning, you can see the morning mist evaporating over the golf course. On a clear day, you can see out in the distance to Kuala Lumpur, the major city. 

We are located north of Kuala Lumpur, on a remote mountain Resort village called "The Genting Highlands," or Pahang if you locate it on the map. Our hotel is called the "Awana" and is halfway up the mountain-- at 3,000 ft elevation!! Our work is located at the top of the mountain, which we can only arrive by cable car-- at 9,000ft elevation. There's a lot of ear popping happening and some light altitude sickness while we adjust in these first few days.

The dream team!

View from Awana Hotel


Up on the Housetop.....errrr Mountain

In order to get to the top of the mountain, the fastest commute is by the SkyWay, aka Cable Car. The first time I rode it, I was so tired and shocked and scared that I had a mini-laugh-crying-meltdown. I'm going to say it was 80% Jet Lag and 10% Shock and 10% Excruciating Terror.

It's really quite beautiful up here.

Going into "First World" Hotel where we work. The clear tent in Lower Left corner is where our main stage show is with an ice rink....more on that later
We did it!


Happy Birthday, Michael!

Our second day here was Mike's birthday! The executive producer took us out to a wonderful dinner, seafood boil? Not sure how to describe it other than they gave you gloves and you just dig in. Lobster, mussels, whole fish......lots of wine.....yum!


Time to grab some breakfast at the hotel restaurant, and do some work for The Yuletide Carolers NYC -- yes, I am still managing the group virtually and bookings are coming in by the minute.....from 10pm - 2am Malaysian time! A lot of late nights so far!

More to come soon, stay tuned or hit the subscribe button and I think they'll email you when there's a new post.

Our time: 9:30 AM, Saturday, Nov 23

New York Time: 8:30 PM, Friday, Nov 22 ..... yesterday!

We're not in Kansas anymore!


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